Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

look at the proudfoot poses for the camera

megha in full flow

With all the attention on the blog full of my photos, Megha said that he also needs to show off to the world that he is no chicken and so here are some of his attempts at copying me. He is still way smaller than me so makes up for his size by his bite!

guess who thinks I am still a baby even though I bite him hard!!

i dont like it when Megha gets special treatment so it is all done outside my presence in case i get jealous

Monday, January 11, 2010

my first walk outside the farm

now that I have had all my shots and have got to a size that all other dogs look up to me, I was taken on the walk up the hill to deliver the milk last morning.
I still dont bark and that may be why all the dogs who passed me by ran as fast as they could to get away from me and I did not even know why!!
A quiet dog is one to keep away from ha!! little do they know that I am just as frightened of other dogs as I don't encounter any except for the pest Megha who always picks a fight with me.

its only a coconut hust but it is still a challenge

the coat of many hues and directions!!

just another day on the farm

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

training to be a lion in disguise

it is important that I have plenty of space to run about in and this I have on the farm. Unfortunately at the moment I am not allowed out of the kennels too often and so jump at the chance of getting out. However the dog run has not been built so we can both be outside to run about during the day.

megha's is a little out of sorts lately. not eating. must be a touch of gastritis.

can't resist the water on my paws

how the training!!!

how the stretch machang?

happy new year to all those who like to see me grow