Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am now 9months but still a naughty puppy

Well these rainy days, I am confined to the kennels and while I am on my own, Megha and Soma are together in the next door one. I look for every chance to escape as I know how to find an opening in the fence to get out, so I am now locked in the kennel itself.

I heard I am not being taken to Minneriya for Vesak and we three will have to fend for ourselves as usually holidays are not the best for us as we are generally ignored by everyone.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

these guys want to see how long I am - i don't like it

Now these hide dog treats are being used to train me as they think at 8 months plus I am ready to learn to behave.

They just got something else coming if they think I am trainable. I am a loose cannon and like to do what I like when I like. I just found my way out of the kennel and the enclosure.

Soma after a bath drying off on the parapet near the shop

the shop has become her second home as she comes in the morning with Menika and hangs around all day, having her meals here and everyone in the shop wanting to take her home, that she has now become a hit, much to our disgust as we were never given this choice. So when I get a chance to get loose, I go up to the shop to annoy her and steal her food.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Soma is still too small to be in the kennels

so now she likes to be in the shop and goes home with Menika and is friendly with her dog Twobe.

When she eventually has to go back to her kennels it is really going to be a problem, with every chance to get out.