Tuesday, April 20, 2010

super hols, shame about the firecrackers though. don't they think of us dogs!!

chooty nangi giving me a time of my life!!!

a relaxing new year in hingurakgoda with total freedom from chains or kennels!!! love it

some views of our visit to Pasekudah

megha had his first swim in Pasekudah bay on April 15th 2010

megha took to the sea like a duck to water and really enjoyed swimming. I suppose he wants to be a pro on the water and what better place than Pasekudah Bay in eastern Sri Lanka

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

the first outing to the vet for his regular shots

Soma is now trying to be catch the attention of all passers by and is travelling on the back of Patiya to show off what our latest addition to kennels is up to. She now has her own kennel while Megha and I have to share one and I don't like it as he is such a nuisance, not leaving me alone.

I was just informed that both Megha and I are being taken again to Minneriya on the 8th April for a trip out of our range. I really enjoy it but I don't know if Megha will be a nuisance.

Soma Devi in wonderland

Just another day in the life of the littlest who grabs the attention of the humans