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yakshi and surakshi

look how sinha bahu the first born is progressing

how about these two beauties

these two sisterssable are ridgebacks born on 30th January 2011 in Park Road Colombo 5. They are a very unusual light color mxiture of silver and sable. A most unusual combination. Watch their progress here

the new arrivals

these three are 7 weeks old and were born on the 20th of March 2011. Sinha Bahu is the father and the Dalmatian Soma Devi is the mother. So a very unusual combination. The two on either side have a ridge and is all black and the larger puppy in the middle is more black with no ridge

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The incredible case of the missing dog that finally found its owner

Saturday the 11th of December Ranga Boy went to sleep in the room by the Shop after chatting with the farm boys around 11pm and earlier he had shut the door of the bungalow, where Master Sir was sleeping as he was very ill with a viral flu and (Aiya)Sagara Boy was staying in the house to take care of his needs, like making the periodic green tea to help him handle the cough and generally make him feel good. He was on 6hrly panadols to try to keep the fever down.

The next morning there was no sign of Hugo. The immediate neighborhood was searched and people in the locality were asked and a reward was offered and everyone who came to the shop was questioned. For the head of the pack (Bahu) it was just another irritant in the midst of so many irritants, as I am losing attention each time a new one makes it to the scene. Remember Hugo was given a lot of privileges not given to the rest, as he was on a different diet to the rest of us, and he was allowed to wander around the farm from room to room and roam.

Anyway weeks went by and there was absolutely no sign, when one morning namely 2nd of Jan, someone had told Aiya that they had spotted Hugo at a nearby house and told him where it was. Upon going to the place and enquiring he had indeed confirmed that the dog was indeed Hugo, and Lokka who was on his way in to the farm from Colombo was informed and went immediately to see for himself.

He was confronted with a whole family, uncles aunts etc all amounting to more than 15 persons when he went to see the dog and Hugo walked up to him to be petted for all to see and be claimed. The boy had apparently sold his chickens to put Hugo in the cemented cage and said that no one had come to claim him and that is why they kept him. Aiya on the other hand said that he being a local school boy about 15 who goes to the Subharathi school, had been told about the dog being lost and if he had taken it would have known better than to make a statement that no one had come to claim him. So who is telling the real story is of importance.

To add spice to the intrigue the mother of the boy comes to the kade, She is a regular of the shop anyway, came it and told Menika the shop girl that Aiya and her son had some dealings and if anyone who should be questioned, it should have been Aiya himself. Of course any mother would want the suspicions that currently lie with the son to be directed elsewhere and it would be natural to make such an allegation, but it all adds to the make believe world we live in where lies are the order of the day and finding the truth is like the proverbial search of the needle in the haystack. So Hugo instead of going on Monday December 13th to have his rabies shots, instead met the date on Monday January 3rd, 2011 and has joined us.