Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Soma is growing tall and has already taken mala on to let her know the status quo

This completes the quartet, two ridgebacks and two dalmatians

We have now completed our family with me Sinha Bahu being the first born on August 20th 2009 followed by Kithsiri Meghavanna on September 30th 2009. Then cam Soma Devi on January 31st 2010 and finally Ashoka Mala who arrived soon after the New Year on April 17th 2010.

Watch our progress through our growing years on this blog and make comments as you think fit.

'mala' was born on April 17th 2010

more shots my new female companion 'mala'

first thing she did when she came to her new home from Kelaniya where she was born was to eat grass!!

hey I welcome "Ashoka Mala" on Sunday 13th June 2010