Tuesday, March 23, 2010

seems to have got out of the fever a little thin but eating

now the cage and running area has a big gate. The last finishing touches are needed like a coat of anti-corrosive paint and flattening the running area once the rains come to soften the soil before cutting into it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a new arrival and competition for us

so patiya and Maha happened to glance a Sunday Observer on Monday while they were doing their vegetable delivery in Colombo, and saw the Dalmatian puppies for sale.

On calling they decided they could spare a few mins of their busy schedule on Tuesday to go as early as poss and chek the pups.

Patiya selected a girl with a big black patch on her face. A tiny waif who was introduced to me this morning when Maha brought him to the farm was promptly named Soma Devi upon arrival and that story is for another day as Soma Devi was a queen and wife of King Walagambahu.

She weighed in at 1.7kg and now needs to be fattened up pretty quick as she is just too small for us to bother with at the moment.

So we can have a few photos soon to show her off.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tick Fever

I am lying in bed in the main house so that I am not bothered by anyone, and I can rest and recover from my recent attack of tick fever.

I have had a serious attack of tick fever that left me totally exhausted, with a swollen spleen and liver and unable to stomach any food.

Tiktac was finally used to completely soak me in it as all the bathing in cal can and other shampoos just did not permanently do the job. The ticks just dropped after the Ticktac application, and then on Monday, both Megha and I were taken to the vet where we both had a series of injections, with me getting the mega doses as I was really suffering and Megha was about to get worse, as he had yet to get the full blown symptoms though his spleen too was a little swollen.

So now I am on a twice daily dose of vitamin liquid and two pills, with one being Microdot that will hopefully kill the microorganism that is now in my blood stream that the ticks injected into me by sucking a lot of my blood.

I am beginning finally to get an appetite after having lost about 3kg and down to skin and bone.

The place is now sprayed with a repellent to prevent ticks from entering and we are both inspected every day to see if there are fleas or ticks. The problem is that the cowshed is not too far away and where ever there are cows, there are ticks.

We will both have to be very careful hitherto as another attack can drastically affect our immune systems and ability to fight off any diseases.

Now we are getting a good dose of fish along with probiotic yoghurt hoping to get our stomachs and intestines full with good bacteria in order to digest our food intake properly.

So I hope shortly we can give you a few healthy pic of our frolicking.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

so much for february 2010

so we are family in february 2010 on the farm

its play time

frustrating when megha is being protected from my teasing because he has just had a bath and does not want to be muddied all over

Megha thinks he is from the middle ages

Megha is showing off both his relaxed poise and also the fact that in Dalmatia in the middle ages his breed lived in Royal kennels. So he tells me his kennel befits a Royal dog, and is like those his ancestors used to live in the Castles of Europe. What do you think? is he pulling a fast one?

Hey Megha my kennel is next door so that too is Royal and my royal came to Rhodesia to hunt lions and my ancestors helped them do it