Thursday, November 18, 2010

he is the man who looks after all of us - Aiya

So to prevent us giving the baby a hard time he has decided to have him in his room on his bed and give him special treatment! Not this little one stupid, that is him carrying the visitor "Donut" who came over to play!

visitors for a spend the day with us and on Hugo Rama's arrival

Farzana's twins look adorable with the dogs they want to squeeze!! They had a really exciting time as they brought their toy dog to meet the new arrival, and left their golden lab skipper at home as he was too boisterous.

A day on the farm with twins and cousins and visiting dogs all wanting to play with us. So we made hay while the sun did not shine today. In fact it was pissing down with rain all day so we all stayed indoors and played the merry devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dogs too many dogs for Hugo Rama

How does he compare with the rest of us?

Rama wants to hog the sofas and beds so we will let him do as he pleases, I think he is now allowed the run of the house while we have to make do with the kennels! lucky for some!!
Mala is not in the picture as when the noise gets too much with the kids and all running around she goes back to her kennel looking for grub so is not in the frame today. But Megha (the white one) and Soma (the spotted one) are all for posing!

A few shots of RAMA

We were given RAMA to take good care of him, because he was getting too big and his playmate BANDA a little fluffy white curled toy dog was too small and would be hurt by his playfulness and his master and mistress were concerned about little Banda getting hurt. So now he has joined our little troop to terrorize the neighborhood!

Rama was born on August 3rd so he is just about a year younger than me, so I have no fear of him claiming my dominance, though of course he is claiming all the attention right now!

what shall we call the new arrival baby ridgeback

lokka went and picked him up at his home on Wednesday morning with Shari and Maneka who also had a day off school as it was the HAJ holiday and they all came to the farm. His name is Hugo, but you know me I want to add my two cents to that.

So we shall call him RAMA not to confuse him but shall we say a nickname. So his official high brow name is Hugo ParakRAMA Bahu!!!! How is that for a name.

Any idea guys are we being too unkind to him?

an unexpected arrival with no notice

he could not be more at home than being so comfortable on his first day. I was never like that when I came!!